Young man helping woman to step out of a kayak. Couple after kayaking in the lake on a sunny day. Couple with great summer date ideas.

As we get further into the summer, could you use some fresh summer date ideas? Finding activities to do as a couple is essential for maintaining a healthy and enduring relationship.

In her Psychology Today article entitled, “50 Playful Dates to Spice Up Your Relationship,” Sadie Leder Elder, Ph.D. shares that eventually the excitement and novelty of a relationship wear off. This is a completely normal occurrence but there are some things you can do to shift the momentum back to how it used to be. One way she recommends re-capturing the adventure of your relationship is by finding new and exciting things to do together.

It’s worth noting that from a self-expansion standpoint, not all play is considered equal. Those activities that are more exciting led to more positive outcomes than those that were just pleasant,” says Elder.

In light of Elder’s findings, here are a few thrill-seeking ideas to make sure you and your significant other get adequate quality time together this summer.

Snorkeling or scuba diving—A fascinating underwater world awaits you. The aquatic wildlife you’ll see will provide a unique life perspective few think of enjoying.

Amusement park—Seriously, a lot of fun. Just leave the kids home for this one and be “kids” together again for the day.

Attend a sports event—If you have a favorite sports team, why not cheer them on in person?

Skydiving—Although it sounds dangerous, skydiving is a reasonably safe date idea. You’ll likely be able to get a video of your jumps to enjoy for years to come too.

Whitewater rafting—There’s something adventurous about every river. Find one with whitewater and you’ll dial it up another notch as a couple.

Go fishing—Visit a waterway near you after finding a fishing guide or getting angling advice from your local tackle shop.

Sleep out under the stars—Get in touch with your ancestors with this one. Pick a clear night and bring a sleeping bag. One that will fit both of you might be best!

Laser tag/Paintball—If you’re interested in an adrenaline rush that doesn’t feel as risky as bungee jumping, give these a try.

Go kayaking—Visit your favorite body of water and take in the wildlife and fresh air.

Attend a concert—Music you love makes you feel alive. Why not share that experience with your partner?

Dig up some fossils—Get in touch with your inner paleontologist by visiting a pay or free site where finding fossils are common. You could also try metal detecting on approved land.

There are endless options besides the ones we shared to maximize your summertime as a couple. It’s also important to remember that couples are different. You and your significant other may find an activity fascinating that another couple would find a bore and vice versa. The important thing is to find something you and your mate would be super stoked about trying together.

Summer Date Ideas Could Include Couples Counseling

Did you know that counseling could be considered a date? Summer is a great time to work with a trusted professional to make your relationship stronger. Whether things have been tough lately or you just want to take your relationship to the next level, we’re here for you.

If you’re interested in an appointment at our Valencia or Burbank/Toluca Lake, California locations, feel free to get in touch. Scheduling with Valencia Relationship Institute is super easy and can be a powerful step in improving your relationship.