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Struggling to get along? Angry? Stressed? Betrayed? Brokenhearted?

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fix broken hearts

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improve communication

rebuild trust

find happiness

strengthen relationships

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We’ve helped hundreds of Burbank/Toluca Lake couples feel better and be happier with couples counseling. Whether you are married, long-time partners, or newly dating, our mission is to help you find more happiness, more love, and more joy in your relationships.

We also offer:

  • pre-marital counseling to help get your marriage started off right.
  • counseling for men to help you clarify what you want, feel more appreciated and be happier.
  • women’s counseling to help reduce stress, improve relationships, and be happier and more confident.
  • family counseling to help families improve their communication and get along better.
  • Child/teen counseling to help with peer relationships, increase self-esteem and alleviate depression and anxiety.

You deserve to feel better.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and you are meant to be happier. Our job is to help you find out what gets in the way, and teach you how to get love and support from your loved ones.