Our Process

Our intention at Valencia Relationship Institute (VRI) is to provide you with support and guidance to ensure that you are successfully reaching your relationship and emotional goals.

Our VRI process was born out of our belief that we all need support in order to reach and successfully maintain peak emotional health. We feel that by supporting and guiding you through these different phases, you will be successful at achieving your desired goals.


Part 1 of the VRI process begins with your initial phone call or email:

We know that making the initial contact can sometimes be the hardest part of the counseling process, so it’s important for us to make this as seamless as possible for you, once you do.

When you call us at 661-259-8200 or message us from our website, our client ambassador will get back to you within four hours* and gather a necessary amount of  information on your current needs and help to identify what type of counseling will be most suitable.


Part 2 of the VRI process is getting matched with the appropriate therapist for your situation and intentions:

Our client ambassador is experienced in placing clients with the therapist whose experience and counseling style fit their needs best.

Regardless of the selected therapist’s style of therapy, VRI places high value in personalizing our professional approach based on the specific needs and desires of our clients. Once you’re placed with a therapist, you will be emailed the forms to read and fill out prior to your first session.


Part 3 of the VRI process is meeting with your therapist for your initial appointment:

The final stage of our process is the initial appointment with your VRI therapist. During this appointment, you and your therapist will work together to establish your relationship/emotional goals, address specific challenges you’re experiencing and determine what areas of your life to focus your sessions on. Gathering information in this way allows for the most efficient use of session time, which will transpire into a weekly or bi-weekly counseling appointments, based on your needs.

At VRI, we take a holistic approach to our clients in that our therapists have access to industry experts and resources in related fields in which therapy does not apply (e.g. psychiatry, holistic medicine, medical issues).

*Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Common Questions:

What if I want to come in for couples counseling but my partner doesn’t want to participate?

Then, please come in anyway. Many people find that as they seek outside professional help and begin to feel better, the relationship improves.

Do you work with other issues besides relationships?
As a therapist, are you going to tell me (us) what to do?
Why should I start therapy? Shouldn’t I be able to handle this on my own?
Can you guarantee I will feel better after therapy?
What do you charge for therapy?
Do you take insurance as reimbursement?
What happens in the first session?
What if I have more questions?
How do I get started?


You are not alone. We are here to help. Let us help you get back on track. Call 661-259-8200 ext.1