Therapist Positions

Valencia Relationship Institute (Valencia and Burbank/Toluca Lake Locations) is a growing, high-quality counseling center that is dedicated to providing an exceptional place to work for our therapists and deliver excellent mental health services. Our team provides incredible clinical support, professional development training, and takes care of all the marketing and business needs, so our therapists get to focus on doing THERAPY, not case management or paperwork! Our caseloads are full and our clients (children through adults) are wonderful to work with. We help them overcome anxiety & depression and nurture their most important relationships. Check us out and you will see the difference!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as part of the VRI family.” ~ Valerie

Thank you for all the support you both provide 🤗 I could go on and on about how VRI is amazing (hence why I try to recruit others to join this practice).
Thank you for the guidance as it has changed the way I have practiced as a therapist. I have experienced so much growth here.” ~ VRI Therapist

Thank you for your interest in working at Valencia Relationship Institute. We want licensed candidates to be aware of some of the job requirements before we schedule our first phone interview, so as to help you make the decision of whether or not to pursue part-time or full-time employment with Valencia Relationship Institute.  


Some clinicians are working a “hybrid” practice, and are seeing some clients in the office. We require our licensed clinicians to commit to being available for a minimum of 12 client hours (part-time) and 25-40 client hours (full time) per week.  We ask for a planned 2-year commitment due to the nature of our work, the relationship with clients and the continuity of care. Our licensed full-time clinicians must be available for clients a minimum of 2 evenings per week. Our licensed part-time clinicians must be available for clients a minimum of 1 evening per week and at least one weekend day (Saturday or Sundays for 4-5 hours). If you are working full time at another position and want to stay with your current position, would you be able to commit to a minimum of 12 hours a week to see clients? Peer consultation and group consultation (voluntary) are scheduled on a monthly basis. We will provide all clients for our clinicians and we have full-time administrative staff support in the office for your convenience. We handle all of the business side of our group practice so you can focus on doing what you love….working with clients.  WE ARE SEEKING AN CLINICIAN WHO DOES NOT CURRENTLY HAVE A PRIVATE PRACTICE AND WOULD NOT SEEK A PRIVATE PRACTICE DURING EMPLOYMENT WITH VALENCIA RELATIONSHIP INSTITUTE. You would be an employee of Valencia Relationship Institute.  Therefore, you would be a W2 employee and receive direct deposit payroll checks twice per month.  The salary range for full-time licensed clinicians can range from $90,000 depending on the number of clients you see/retain per week. We are looking for licensed clinicians who can work independently. We expect you to stay on top of current clinical trends and attend workshops/training that help fine-tune your skills.  There are many great no-cost online tools and videos that we have to offer, as well as so many other resources on the internet. All licensed clinicians are required to have a current BBS License #, as well as an NPI number. If you are interested in moving forward, please submit your cover letter and resume’ by using the form below.