Helping Children of Divorce Thrive during the Holidays:

Although we can love and support our children through the divorce process, it’s up to each parent to create new traditions in each home during the holiday season. Below are a few ideas on how to help your children have a happy holiday season in two homes.

  1. Talk About the Upcoming Holiday with Your Children:

It’s always nice to reminisce about past holiday traditions. Give your children the forum to express their feelings about “how it used to be” during the holidays. More importantly, let your children discuss their feelings about what it’s like for them to divide their time between two homes. Your willingness to validate their feelings will relieve a great amount of sadness your children may be feeling.

  1. Be Respectful of the Other Parent:

Parents who try to be pleasant towards one another will be giving the best gift of all during the holiday season, and every other day of the year. By putting your emotions on “hold” about your divorce, you are making your children’s emotional well being a priority. When children see their parents getting along after a divorce, they regain a sense of security that may have been lost during the transition into two homes.

  1. Create New Family Traditions:

Most families have created holiday traditions over the years. It is important to explain to your children that nothing will ever replace the happy memories you had as a family. Help your children begin to look forward to with excitement the new traditions that you can each do together in your separate homes.

Showing your children compassion for the many different feelings they are experiencing must be a priority for them to thrive during the holidays, and all of the rest of the year.