Thinking about Passover and Easter occurring this week and with Summer time rapidly approaching, traditions and rituals are an important topic to that relates to raising our children. Most positive memories from childhood stem from an event that surrounds these times of year and are described as things frequently done as a routine that could be expected, Rituals and Family Traditions. Some examples can be a simple as weekly family dinners, vacations during summer time, birthday celebrations or specific traditions surrounding a holiday. It is an important thing to emphasize and make time for when raising your children for many reasons:

  1. Children find comfort in routines and repetition. It gives them something to count on in otherwise unpredictable world. Your routines and rituals ground your children during difficult times that affect their physical, social, emotional and cognitive world. Recreating a family activity over and over gives life a rhythm on which children can rely. This provides a feeling of stability.
  1. These rituals are an important way of passing on cultural values. When parents do this, they often experience the richness of repeating their family’s history. Realistically, there are parents who would rather forget how their parents did things! In this case, establishing new traditions with your own children is a way to break a best-forgotten chain and write your own family history.
  1. Family traditions and rituals help establish a sense of who they are and who their family is. It provides children opportunities to experience the roles and responsibilities of family members. This helps create their identity and a sense of purpose or usefulness in the family.
  1. Traditions also unite families and help create a healthy attachment between your children and you. Even when their focus is to assert their independence, children crave the traditions they have grown up with. Teens who are connected to their families are less likely to engage in dangerous behaviors.
  1. Don’t focus or worry about elaborate events or traditions. The thing you choose to make a ritual isn’t important. Choose what your family values and likes:
  • Establish a special family ritual for saying goodbye or goodnight that you decide on with your children.
  • It can be riding bikes together on weekends.
  • It can be going to the beach every summer to camp or learn something new as a family.
  • Have a move or game night with your favorite foods.
  • Have a specific way you celebrate birthdays, good grades or other achievement as a family.

Have family dinners as often as possible where you take turns sharing something from your day.